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International Left-Handers Day: Concert & Street Music

Our main goal is to make left-handed musicianship visible in classical music. We want to show that there is no valid reason to deny left-handed children a left-handed instrument.

Lefty musicians Sophia Klinke, Jairo Ortiz, Silke Becker, Renata Soraya, Laila Kirchner, Christine Vogel

On August 13, International Left-Handers Day 2022, we will celebrate the first birthday of Linksgespielt in Frankfurt am Main – and with it all the musicians who play 'the other way around' and have learned to make music in the way that is 'most right' for them, often against great resistance.

In the morning we will play street music in the city center on left-handed violins, flutes, viols and cellos. With compositions of mainly such composers that might have been left-handed, we want to get into conversation with passers-by.

At 7 p.m. there will be a concert in the Andreaskirche in Frankfurt with solo and chamber music from several centuries. Compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach, Michel Corrette, Jacques Morel, Felix Mendelssohn, Sofia Gubaidulina, Laila Kirchner and others will be performed by

Hearty invitation & Happy Left-Handers Day!


Photo credits: Alexander Englert, private, RecordMusicGroup, Friedhelm Rettich, private, Arnold Widera


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