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Maria Holzeis-Augustin


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Maria Holzeis-Augustin, lefty flutist

Foto: © privat

Mag.a art Maria Holzeis-Augustin is a flutist in the genres of classical and popular music as well as a singer, composer and music teacher. She performs with various formations in Austria and abroad. As a composer she writes music for young flutists and is the author of the school for jazz flute "Fit for the Band". Maria Holzeis-Augustin conducts improvisation workshops and singing seminars at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, the University of Music Würzburg and the Audem Montevideo, among others, as well as numerous teacher training courses.

Linksspielende Flötistin, Querflöte mit links, Linksflöte, Linkshänderflöte

Making music in different directions

If you've ever shoveled snow, you know that when one hand is down and the other is up, the shovel sits comfortably in your hand and you can easily clear even fluffy snow out of the way. If you switch hands, letting one hand be up and the other down, the shovel feels wobbly and you have some trouble shoveling the snow away.


Now you can go over and practice on the wobbly side until you can hold the shovel more securely, or you can just shovel the snow away with the stable side.

It's the same with playing an instrument.

linkshändige und rechtshändige Querflöte

Maria Holzeis-Augustin teaches right- and left-handed playing students.


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