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 Welcome to the platform for left-handed music 

 presenting musicians who play their instruments 'the other way round'

"Taking my clarinet with my hands reversed was a huge aha experience. For the first time, I felt how it really feels when I play it: its full length, its weight held by my strong arm. From that moment on, I realized what I had been looking for the whole time."

Ulrike Scheuchl, left-handed clarinetist

Holding up a mirror to convention

To this day, the way instruments are held is strictly standardized in terms of laterality. Especially in the classical field, there is usually only one possibility for the distribution of functions of the hands on the instrument:

"bow right, viola left" is the rule for string instruments, "left top, right bottom" for woodwinds, and the valves of the vast majority of brass instruments are operated with the right hand. 

Those who question this convention - be it due to injury or the engagement with their own handedness - often have difficulties finding like-minded people and reports of experiences in the professional field. Where do I get instruments? How will this work in an orchestra? Would someone teach me the other way around? Is relearning possible at all?

That's why we created Linksgespielt. Because they do exist, those who play the other way around, those who relearn, those who have been retrained. We introduce them and make their experiences accessible. Voilà!

Also conventionally playing left-handers and pedagogues with different views on the topic will have their sayHere we are talking about 'reversed' string players in professional orchestras.

Links to the topic of 'handedness and instrumental playing' (German only, so far...) can be found here. If you have further questions or want to share your experience, feel free to contact us.

Linksgespielt is a long-cherished project, but fairly new in its implementation. It is based on extensive research, many years of experience and lively exchange. The pages went online for the International Left-Handed Day on August 13, 2021, are still under construction and will be continuously supplemented.

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Photo credits: Alexander Englert