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Stefan Haas

Lute & Guitar



July 27, 2022

Do you see yourself as left-handed or right-handed? Did you learn to play your instrument "left-handed" from the start?

I'm left-handed and played the guitar "left-handed" from the beginning. It just felt natural. Luckily I had a very tolerant teacher.


How did you come by your instruments?

I had to order all my lutes for left-handed players.


What are your experiences with left-handed playing in orchestras and ensembles? 

In an ensemble it looks incredibly beautiful when a left-handed person and a right-handed person play together.


Do you have any left-handed students?

I've only had one left-handed student so far. The right-handed ones do everything mirror-inverted at the beginning, but they get used to it. That never happened to me as a student because I always had right-handed teachers and duo partners.

I imagine it's similar for tennis players. ;)

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