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Report & photos from International Left-Handers Day 2023. Left-handed musicians exchange experiences

On Linksgespielt's second birthday, professional left-handed musicians from all over Germany met again on International Left-Handers' Day to exchange their stories and make music on classical and historical instruments.

10 left-handed musicians playing string and wind instruments

Beforehand, the Frankfurter Rundschau, the FAZ and the Frankfurter Neue Presse had reported on our project. Sophia Klinke was also interviewed by the radio channel WDR 3.

Sophia and Helen face each other, smiling at each other and each holding a violin horizontally in their hands.
Linksgespielt co-initiator Sophia Klinke and luthier Helen Layer present Helen's newly made violins to the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper. Photo credits: Renate Hoyer

This year's meeting had several special features: In summer, perhaps the first ever left-handed luthier's journeyman piece was built by Helen Layer. Still unvarnished, the violin passed through many left hands, which elicited beautiful tunes from it. Cellist Laila Kirchner also had a brand new instrument with her: her left-handed cello, completed a few days earlier together with a luthier.

After last year's media reports on our Left Handers Day meeting, we had received letters from other lefties, two of whom played with us this year. As an international guest, Hans-Ludwig Becker from Belgium joined us, so that in 2023 there was the unique opportunity to hear five left-handed cellos playing together!

Left-handed cello ensemble

The woodwind section was also more strongly represented this year. A brilliant duo was formed - and an expandable recorder consort.

On Sunday afternoon we opened our meeting to all interested and curious people who wanted to learn more about left-handed music making and teaching or exchange ideas with like-minded persons.

Many thanks to Alexander Englert, who captured the meeting in beautiful photographs.

Photo credits: Alexander Englert (unless otherwise indicated)


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